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Complete Eyewear Services

Designer Eyewear Carlton REV2

Designer Eyewear Carlton

At Carlton Eyecare Consultants, we pride ourselves in providing not only exceptional personalised service but also a large selection of frames that will suit your personality, lifestyle and budget. We believe that prescription glasses are much more than just an accessory – your eyewear is a functional solution for your vision correction and a way to express your personality and style.

Selecting the right frames can be confusing and daunting, especially for first-time wearers.
We have a great deal of experience helping patients find the best frames for them, something that will enhance their appearance and do what they need visually. Whether the look you desire is glamorous, classic, ultramodern, bold or minimalistic, we can help you find the perfect frame to suit your personality and lifestyle.

If you are unable to find something from our over 300 frames on display, we are more than happy to order frames on approval for you to try. We don’t settle for good enough…our patients will tell you we keep looking until we find the right frame!! We want people to ask you where you got your glasses from!!!

Premium Lens Technology

Single Vision – these lenses have the same power throughout the whole lens and can be used for either driving or reading or continuous wear.

Bifocal – this lens is split into two sections, the top is usually for distance and the bottom for near vision.

Trifocal – this lens is split into three sections, the top is used for distance, the middle for intermediate vision , and the bottom for near vision.

Multifocal lenses – these are the most advanced design giving you clear vision at all the required distances. Many horror stories exist about multifocal lenses. Our success rate with multifocal is in the high 90s.
There are many reasons for this high satisfaction rate:
1. We are very fussy during frame selection to ensure the frame is positioned well on the face and nose providing sufficient room for the reading area and allowing all the zones of the lens to be accessed successfully.
2. We are very particular about positioning the multifocal in exactly the right spot
3. We teach you how to use your new multifocals and what to expect when getting used to them. We only use lenses from reputable companies with a proven record of excellence, not generic substitutions.
All our new multifocals come with a 3-month warranty to ensure you adapt to them. If not, we investigate further and make them right!!

Computer lenses – these are specifically prescribed to use at your desk and allow you to see both the computer and your reading material clearly. We always recommend a Blue Control coating with these to neutralise blue light, thus preventing eye strain and fatigue.

Premium Lens Technology
Sunglasses Carlton

Sunglasses Carlton

The intense ultraviolet rays of the sun can damage the sensitive cells in the eyes increasing the risks of eye diseases such as cataract, macular degeneration, growths on the eye, and cancer.

It is for this reason exactly that sunglasses are recommended to protect the eyes and the sensitive skin around the eyes. We recommend sunglasses are worn at all ages as damage from the UV rays of the sun is cumulative.

At Carlton Eyecare, we stock a wide range of the most current sunglasses from different designers. All the sunglasses are able to be made into prescription sunglasses so that even people with a refractive error are able to look stylish and see well!!

Sunglasses can be made for all prescriptions. photochromatic lenses as well as polarised lenses are able to be fitted allowing optimum glare reduction and reduction of UV damage to the eyes.

Frame Repairs & Free Adjustments

Children may have clear vision (20/20 vision) yet still have inaccurate eye movements, inadequate focusing ability and insufficient coordination of the two eyes.
These children struggle with near tasks and learning and do not reach their full potential in their educational or social development.
Two thirds of children with visual problems are not detected and struggle through school.

Regular eye examinations help detect visual problems that can affect a child’s performance at school.
Children are not old enough to understand if there is a problem. They think that ‘everyone sees like this’, or that they “are not that good at reading”.
More often than not the appropriate prescription can greatly improve both their vision and the ease with which they read and subsequently their performance at school.

All school age children should have yearly checks as vision can change rapidly.

Frame Repairs And Adjustments Carlton
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